Bloomfield's Back to School BluePrint

Our commitment to our community

In Bloomfield Hills Schools, we are committed to ensuring a healthy learning environment - both in-person and online. We are committed to providing equitable teaching and learning opportunities to all students at all levels and abilities. We are committed to researching new ways of providing opportunities, working with our global education partners to share innovative ideas. We are committed to the social and emotional wellness of our students and staff and supporting all learners, educators, and families through this difficult time. We are committed to taking reasonable risks, "failing fast," and learning from our mistakes. We are committed to providing staff with the training and support they need to best meet the needs of our community of learners.

We are committed to you - our students, our staff, our families. In the 2020-2021 school year, we will continue to learn and grow together, despite whatever challenges may come our way. We are a community of life-long learners and student champions. Together, we can. Together, we will.

Aligning with the

MIchigan SAFE START Phases

Phases 1-3

Distance Teaching & Learning

Uncontrolled growth, persistent spread, or flattening.

Phases 4 & 5

possible In-person teaching & Learning

Phase 4: Improving: This phase occurs when the number of new cases and deaths has fallen for a period of time, but overall case levels are still high.

Phase 5: Containing: During the Containing phase, new cases and deaths continue to decrease for an additional period of time.

How is each phase different?

Virtual Learning Image.jpg



An optional choice for the 2020-2021 school year

Bloomfield Virtual provides an equitable, caring, and safe learning environment where students are encouraged to be intellectually curious and academically ambitious. Leveraging the power of technology and community,  personalized learning promotes student agency for all learners to achieve their highest aspirations.

Is Virtual Learning Right for my child?

  • Students in the elementary grades (K-5) will need adult or older sibling support for initial virtual navigation and continual time management support.

  • Expectations will mirror our in-person teaching and learning expectations.

  • BHS teachers will create lessons and activities that engage the student in the virtual school environment utilizing innovative practices that differ from in-class instruction and the Continuous Learning Plan 2.0.

  • Bloomfield Hills Schools will provide a device (iPad for K-1, Chromebook for 2-12) to every student upon enrollment and completion of the Technology Agreement. 

  • Students enrolled in Bloomfield Virtual will still have access to participate in extracurricular activities that happen outside of the classroom day including sports, clubs, and student organizations (if they are in session).

"In-person", "Distance", and "Virtual"


Each day, we hope to see all of our students for in-person teaching and learning, but we know that may look a bit different in 2020-2021, depending on the conditions of COVID-19.


If the Governor or Board of Education requires schools to be closed, Bloomfield Hills Schools will utilize a distance learning model (all online) for all students for the duration of the closure.


Families may select Bloomfield Virtual if they desire for their child to learn online all or most of the time regardless of the operating status of the district.

A clean environment is a safe environment

We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our students, staff, and visitors.

In preparing for the 2020-2021 school year, we met extensively with EnviroClean, our cleaning partner. Together, we formulated a three-stage cleaning plan to address a variety of situations the district may experience.

Cleaning Supplies