Excited Children in Science Class


Teaching & Learning

Each day, we hope to see all of our students for in-person teaching and learning, but we know that may look a bit different in 2020-2021, depending on the conditions of COVID-19.

Aligning with the

MIchigan SAFE START Phases

Phases 1-3

Uncontrolled growth, persistent spread, or flattening.

Phase 4

Improving: This phase occurs when the number of new cases and deaths has fallen for a period of time, but overall case levels are still high.

Phase 5

Containing: During the Containing phase, new cases and deaths continue to decrease for an additional period of time.

Phases 4 & 5: In-Person Teaching & Learning

Cleaning Plan

The school district has identified a comprehensive three-stage cleaning plan. Details about the cleaning plan can be found on this website. Click on Cleaning Plan to learn more.


  • All members of our community and visitors to our schools and offices will wear masks, wash and disinfect their hands frequently, and mind physical distancing norms.
  • Assemblies of less than 50 students at a time are discouraged but allowed as long as facemasks remain in use.
  • All staff and students should wear face masks when they are in common areas, including moving between classrooms; masks may be homemade or disposable level one (basic) grade surgical masks; N95 respirators are not necessary, except for nurses and custodial staff cleaning and disinfecting an area exposed to a positive case.


Arrival & Dismissal